behavioral day treatment for childrenEvery parent has wished at one time that their child came with an instruction manual, especially when their child is experiencing difficulty. Children coming to Daybreak are struggling with behaviors that stand in the way of success at home, or school or when out in the community. Often they struggle in all of those places. Parents frequently report that their child has aggressive behaviors that get him or her into trouble with siblings or peers, with teachers and other authority figures. They report behaviors that might include biting, hitting, spitting, tantrums, throwing objects or over-turning furniture, property destruction, foul language, and a variety of other behaviors. Every parent wants happiness and success for their child. Daybreak can help your child become successful by overcoming the behaviors that stand in the way of success.

Did you know that many children struggle with problem behaviors? In 2005, Yale researchers found that 10% of preschool teacher reported expelling a child from preschool within the past year. The rate of expulsion for preschool children is 3.2 times higher than the expulsion rate for children in kindergarten through 12th grade! When a child is expelled from preschool or early grade school, parent are usually at a loss. Daybreak may be able to help your child return to school or a child care center in a relatively short time. Our average length of stay normally falls within 3 to 6 months.

Families play an important role in a child’s social, emotional and behavioral development. Daybreak is here to provide support and counseling for parents and brothers and sisters of the children admitted to Day Treatment. Parents and siblings who participate in family therapy increase the chance that children will improve their behavior at home and at school.