behavioral_day_treatment_children_3Typical referral sources for Daybreak include: Schools, Childcare Centers, Therapists, Psychologist, Psychiatrists, Pediatricians/Family Doctors, Caseworkers, Courts, and Mental Hospital personnel.

Daybreak uses behaviorally focused interventions to review children’s behavioral problems and determine how to shape them into more positive behaviors. Daybreak also directly trains parents through the therapeutic process. Parents are given the opportunity to practice learned skills so they are able to manage their child’s behavior at home and in the community. Staff members work to ensure that families remain involved in treatment and partner with professionals involved with the children enrolled in the program.

Daybreak’s professional therapy services provide individualized, structured, skill-based interventions for children and their families. Our children therapy services and treatment goals are developed to eliminate or significantly reduce the types of problem behaviors children are demonstrating when they come to Daybreak, and to improve children’s ability to behave well in multiple environments. Once goals are achieved, children are able to return to their home, child care center, preschool or early grade school with new coping skills to enhance their success.

Day Treatment programming focuses upon skill building and behavior modification therapy, using practices that are based upon scientific studies demonstrated to be successful with similar children. Specifically, Daybreak uses behavioral therapy techniques, including behavioral specific praise, rewards, modeling, problem-solving, planned ignoring, and contingencies to help shape positive behavior.

School Referrals: Daybreak is an approved special education service provider with the Nebraska Department of Education.  School districts can contract with us to provide alternative instruction for children who require our services during Kindergarten through 4th grade.

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