behavioral_day_treatment_children_4The Daybreak Day Treatment program is designed for young children with moderate to severe and/or chronic behavior problems. Children admitted to the program attend treatment all day Monday through Friday. Trained professional staff will work with your child to develop important skills including impulse control, emotional regulation, social skills, academic readiness, and much more! Our 4:1 child-to-staff ratio provides the support necessary to deliver the highest quality of care. In addition, 1:1 treatment is available when deemed medically necessary (pending funding availability). The staff will work with you in order to meet your child’s needs and to develop a plan for success.

Weekly family counseling is provided to maintain communication and consistency of care. In addition, treatment team meetings are regularly held by treatment staff and clinicians in order to meet the individual needs of your child. Our treatment and behavior modification program includes behavior modification techniques that are proven effective. To learn more about our Day Treatment program, call 402.932.7788.